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Who kills tina on corrie betting sites betting games iphone

Who kills tina on corrie betting sites

We fully expect Tony to be unveiled as having done the dastardly deed! In the build-up to the death, viewers will have a chance to watch four alternative showdowns between her and potential killers - Peter Barlow, Carla Barlow, Rob Donovan and Tracy Barlow - which are being made available on the official Coronation Street website, itv.

Producers of the show say there will be a "shocking twist" next Wednesday, the night after her death plunge, just as the police begin their efforts to track down who is responsible. In the coming months, the audience will see the killer desperately trying to cover their trail and evade justice. Keegan has admitted she was surprised when she discovered that Tina was being written out for good and there would be no coming back.

Bets suspended on Corrie killer ID. Facebook Twitter Email Whatsapp. Gritty sagas by Corrie blog editor Glenda Young, published by Headline. Click pic below! Posted by Glenda Young at Labels: newsnow , tony stewart , who kills tina. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. You might also like Joanna Lumley returns to Coronation Street. Joanna Lumley is returning to Coronation Street Peter Ash interview: The end for Paul and Billy? How does Paul feel about Todd, has he no suspicions about what he has been up to?

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Fri 29 Jan. Corrie Comicals week ending 22 January Are two of the Street villains heading for a fall or will one deal with the other? Ray has been missing since Friday, locked in the back of Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Feb 1 - 5.


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Businessman had a hand in barmaid falling to her death following her heated confrontation with lover Peter Barlow.

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Who kills tina on corrie betting sites Tracy Barlow will offer to give Frank a positive character reference in court, while Peter's marriage to Leanne suffers. Spoilers for next week's Coronation Street, Feb 1 - 5. When Tina reveals that she will lie to the police that Rob intentionally tried to kill her, Rob picks up a metal pipe and brutally beats Tina. Retrieved 5 March Robbie tricks Carla into entering the factory alone with him and holds her at gunpoint. They've got a nice friendship and some good banter going on. She rings Maria, who phones the police and Frank is arrested.
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A furious Tracy complains to Rob that Norris has refused to serve her until their paper bill has been paid. Rob mischievously pays the bill in one-penny pieces, infuriating Norris. At the same time, Tina returns from London to clear out her flat and Norris overhears her telling Carla that her kiss with Rob was behind her sudden departure.

Meanwhile, Sophie meets Maddie on the Red Rec and broaches the subject of their kiss. But when Sally turns up in pursuit of Sophie, Maddie runs off, leaving Sophie frustrated. Sophie and Sally tail Maddie to a flat, but will their surprise visit leave the duo feeling vulnerable? Also, Dev and Kal view a unit on Victoria Street for their new gym but find working together intolerable. The former home of Coronation Street could be turned into 3, homes.

Developers want to transform the Granada Studios site on Quay Street in Manchester into a billion-pound modern village, complete with hotels, art galleries, theatres and a river. Dubbed St Johns quarter, new owners Allied London bought the A public consultation began yesterday to discover what residents and neighbours would like for the site, but an initial vision was revealed.

It offers a great opportunity in the evolution of the city. The old Coronation Street set will be open to the public from April for six months but its future after that is uncertain. If you look back to , the city had the ninth largest population in the world. That makes it hard to sustain and very hard to resource. Allied London has also invited 11 architects to contribute their ideas for the space — many of which were on display at an event to introduce the scheme.

All the types of people who want to be in a city. Anything is possible. He would like the river to become a public walkway for families. This is not about creating a great leafy suburb, its about inner city living in a high-quality environment. But will Peter make it to his rendezvous in Paris with Carla? And is Tina realy up for having an affair? With murder on the menu, Coronation Street fans have questioned who will actually kill Tina?

She may of just ruinned Peters only true relationship with Carla, and if she finds out what lengths will he take to get rid of Tina and get Carla back?! Well, she murdered her husband Charlie Stubbs with a ibs in weight ornamunt — so what isnt she capable of?

Once she finds out Tina kissed her boyfriend Rob just after he starts to become more of a family man, how angry will Killer Trace get? Tina may just of ruinned Robs last chances of a family, what lengths will he take to get rid of her? Well, She was convinced David was having an affair with Tina, she ruinned her life more than once and had a fair few fights with her — is Kylie the killer?

So, go on! Add us on snapchat at CorrieSpoilers. That was until he came up against vengeful Tina McIntyre. Not only was Tina intent on exposing her affair with Peter, and ruining pregnant Carla's happiness in the process, she also wanted to go to the police over Rob and Tracy's dodgy business dealings. Her blackmail made Rob see red, and he pushed her off the balcony of her flat. Thinking she was a goner, Rob trashed the place to fake a robbery, only to discover Tina was still alive and now threatening to report him to the law for trying to kill her.

In a fit of panic, Rob silenced Tina for good with an iron bar are there an endless supply of handy murder weapons in Weatherfield? It's hard to believe it's been two whole decades since vicious gangster Jez Quigley first began his reign of terror in Weatherfield. The nasty piece of work was a professional drug dealer who didn't take kindly to people owing him cash. Jez stood trial for murder, but the cool-headed killer walked out of the courtroom a free man. Even though we haven't included him as an official victim, Des Barnes was another casualty of Jez's wrath when he found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and was beaten up by the villain's gang, which led to him suffering a fatal heart attack.

In fairness, Jez hadn't planned any of that! Jez's luck finally ran out when his spleen ruptured as a result of an earlier brawl with Jim McDonald. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke. Now we're starting to get to the big boys — the ones who made killing look as easy as making a cuppa. Step forward Karl Munro. Now Karl had the world at his feet when he first arrived on the Street — joint owner of The Rovers and a beautiful missus in Stella, but then he bedded Sunita on the side and everything went horribly wrong.

When Sunita got sick of him, Karl decided to win back Stella. But instead of wooing her with flowers and chocolates, crazed Karl chose to kidnap Stella and set fire to the Rovers cellar. He was spotted by Sunita, and despite his best efforts to ensure she died in the fire which ended up claiming the life of fire fighter Toni Griffiths , she somehow survived. After falling into a coma for a few weeks, Sunita's condition began to improve, at which point Karl paid her a little visit in the hospital to remove her breathing tubes, ensuring she'd never be able to speak a word of what she saw.

It's always the quiet ones you have to watch, eh? In the space of a few years, John Stape went from a shy teacher with an inappropriate crush on his student, to full blown predator, hostage taker and multi-murderer! After a stretch in prison, John resumed his teaching career by stealing the identity of fellow teacher Colin Fishwick.

Colin subsequently died of a brain haemorrhage during an argument with John, who buried his body under Underworld as he feared he'd be wrongly blamed for the crime. John's con was rumbled by former colleague Charlotte, who tried to seduce him in return for her silence. Growing sick and tired of Charlotte, John ended up smashing her skull in with a hammer, but in a stroke of serious luck, he was able to make it look as if she had perished in the carnage of the tram crash.

A couple of months later, John killed again, this time accidentally suffocating Colin Fishwick's mum Joy after confessing his catalogue of crimes to her. The psychotic Scot may have plotted the deaths of half of the residents of Weatherfield, but miraculously he only did away with two unfortunate souls. In , jealous Tony ordered his henchman Jimmy Dockerson to murder love rival Liam Connor in a hit-and-run.

Jimmy obliged, and the deed was done. After that, Tony tried to eliminate anyone who got in his way — pensioner Jed Stone, his ex-wife Carla twice , and even hapless Roy Cropper to whom he had confessed killing Liam , but all of these attempts were thankfully unsuccessful.

Tony was finally sent down for doing away with Liam, but he broke out of prison with cellmate Robbie Sloane and held Carla and others hostage in Underworld. After shooting Robbie dead during the siege, Tony set fire to the factory but ended up being burnt alive in the inferno. Toxic Tracy Barlow isn't a woman to be messed with — just ask Charlie Stubbs.

Oh no, wait you can't, he's six feet under. Trace had already forgiven her philandering builder boyfriend for getting Shelley Unwin up the duff, but she finally snapped when she discovered Charlie had been doing the dirty on her with Maria.

While most level-headed ladies would just take a pair of scissors to their partner's best suit, Tracy opted for a more extreme method of revenge. After spreading round vicious rumours that Charlie had been abusing her, Tracy staged a seduction scene, and when Charlie leaned in for a kiss, Tracy caved his head in with an ornament. She served a measly three years behind bars, and now it's like the whole thing never even happened!

Although Tracy hasn't committed cold-blooded murder ever since, she does also have the deaths of Maddie Heath and Kal Nazir on her conscience after she accidentally started the Victoria Court fire that killed them in Tracy caused the fire when she left a lit candle at Carla Connor's flat, after breaking in and considering killing her. Let's hope TracyLuv has learned her lesson and won't claim any more victims.