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Each way betting has mostly been associated with horse racing. Such betting is possible when the racing track has at least four runners and riders. In such cases, bookmakers usually offer one-half, one-third, one-quarter or one-fifth on the odds on the selection, depending on the number of runners on the field at the time of the event. In terms of football, each way betting is fairly common, particularly in the outright betting markets. A good way to keep up with this is through staying up to date with the latest news!

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Light 3betting

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As you can imagine, the guy or girl making the 3-bet probably has a very good hand. You might be wondering why it's called a 3-bet if there has only been two raises. Well, the BB is actually considered to be a bet in itself, and so the first raise is the 2nd bet and the second raise is the 3-bet.

Therefore, 3-betting light is when you make a 3-bet with a less than premium hand like 67, 78 or any suited connector like that. Seems crazy and dangerous I know, but I'm sure you thought the same thing when you first heard about continuation betting. Players these days will make preflop raises with a wide range of hands.

If a player makes a raise before the flop in LP, they could have almost any hand under the sun. That's how all decent TAGs play. Calling these raises with a strong hand of our own or even with a drawing hand like 78s puts us at a disadvantage because our opponent will have the initiative in the hand. When the flop comes, we are only really looking to fold unless we hit top pair or better. Even then, we are not going to feel great about our hand. Not to mention taking away their initiative. Sure, making an extra reraise before the flop is going to be pretty damn scary, especially if you are 3-betting light.

Don't get me wrong though, 3-betting light isn't just to try and punish the loose raisers and hope that they fold. There will be times when we get called when we 3-bet light, but that's not a problem. There are still advantages to 3-betting light when we reach the flop.

Apologies for the God-awful diagram, but you should get the idea. These sort of players are likely to be raising with a wide range of hands in this position, and so are fully capable or folding when they come up against aggression. This is why 3-betting gives us an edge. An important point to remember is that you do not want to 3-bet light against players who are either:.

In a nutshell, when you 3-bet light you ideally want your opponent to fold. This gives you an instant and nicely-sized pot and will usually force your opponent to tighten up the hands they open with from late position. If we get called and miss the flop, we are almost always in the perfect situation to make a continuation bet and take down then pot.

That's the basics of it, but allow me to explain a little further. The type of hands that you do not want to 3-bet light with are lower tier broadway hands like; KQ , KJ QJ and also weaker aces like AJ definitely not rag aces either. The problem is that if you are 3-betting with these cards, the hands that your opponent is going to call with are going to have you dominated e.

However, if you have a lower suited connector like 78s, you still have two "free" cards that you can do damage with. It also makes post-flop play easier as you are less likely to get tied in with a marginal hand where you hold something like top pair weak kicker.

You are better off calling with less than premium broadway hands rather than 3-betting with them preflop. Simple as that. A pot size bet is unnecessarily large in a 3-bet pot. The beauty of 3-betting is that it gives you supreme power in the hand. Your opponent is always going to have the fear that you have pocket Aces or pocket Kings at the forefront of their mind, so take advantage of that fear.

The majority of the time a good continuation bet will work wonders though. If on the other hand you catch a piece of the flop but nothing worth value-betting, checking and calling may be the best option. However, a lot of the time you are going to either have a strong hand or nothing at all, and in both of these situations you will want to cbet. This leads to you winning more pots without showdown as well as getting action on your real, three-bet-for-value-type hands.

But although the practice of three-betting light is commonplace these days, many players still routinely size their three-bets incorrectly. Some players size their re-raises on the strength of their own hand. They bet a bigger amount when they have a weak hand and want their opponent to fold and bet less when they are betting for value.

This is incorrect thinking. A skilled opponent will pick up on this and exploit you. Your bet sizing should not be determined by the strength of your hand. The answer is position. You hear it over and over again — position dictates everything in poker. This is because you will be last to act for the entirety of the hand.

Since acting last is such a huge advantage, you can punish the out-of-position player often, regardless of your hand strength. When you are in position a good re-raise size would be around 3x to 3. He folds. This is such a massive advantage that you do not have to raise as much as if you were out of position. To make up for this you always want to reraise more from out of position. Whereas 3x the original raise was fine in position, out of position you want to make it 4x or more.

You essentially would like to charge him for the privilege of playing in position against you. Giving your opponent good odds and position is a mistake so let them know you mean business with larger out-of-position raises. The larger raise helps negate your positional disadvantage. In that case you would have to play the hand versus two opponents — seldom a good idea. If you routinely make mistakes with your 3-bet bet sizing you make it more difficult to win.

Far from it. Of those hands only a small percentage can continue on to more action. That alone creates enough dead money to make three-betting profitable. Three-betting also balances your range. When you three-bet preflop and get called you have the initiative. You have the lead in the hand and with it comes the advantage.

Now what happens if you miss the flop completely? Use that initiative. Look at the situation and think about his likely holdings. Know your opponent. You have to know your opponent and how he plays. He calls and everyone else folds. Your read on your opponent is that he is a thinking, but not great, regular.

He tends to over-estimate his implied odds and plays too ABC. He checks. He thinks and calls. A mistake a lot of players make here is checking back. Checking back in this spot is lighting money on fire. Because your opponent will be peeling with an extremely wide one-pair range. Think about it. Say you raise 99 before the flop and your opponent re-raises you.

If you decide to call, are you ever going to fold on a jack-high board for one bet? Fire that second barrel. Most of his flop-peeling range is not strong enough to call a second bet. Players like this are a dime a dozen. These players are free money and are going to donate 25bb to you every single time in this spot. When you three-bet pre-flop and bet two streets, your opponent is regularly going to be putting you on a big hand.

So exploit it and fire more second barrels. You want to put him outside his comfort zone. You need well-timed aggression in the correct spots.

The 3-bet or more specifically, light 3-betting is an advanced concept that adds an extra weapon to a game that has likely become repetitive and stagnant, even if that current game strategy is winning you money at the tables.

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I have lost everything in betting Such a strategy is far too conservative. Apologies for the God-awful diagram, but you should get the idea. Because your opponent will be peeling with an extremely wide one-pair range. Far from it. Use that initiative.
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Shirt numbers rugby betting tips You might be wondering why it's called a 3-bet if there has only been two raises. Suited connectors are great light light 3betting hands because those times you do get called you can flop a strong draw and potentially stack a guy. Seems crazy and dangerous I know, but I'm sure you thought the same thing when you first heard about continuation betting. Privacy Policy I accept. Both extremes can be very exploitable and understanding the underlying reasons behind three-betting will help you do it much more effectively.
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