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8ms response time csgo betting

By MajkiFajki. By Sietse. Registered members on their forums have access. Their developer is looking to tackle input lag and your feedback would be appreciated. At the start of each new frame do: 1 obtain the raw input from mouse and keyboard since the last frame. Do not do this threaded, but enforce the ordering. Ofcourse you can also do the following: 1 make a thread for reading the raw inputs which checks inputs every millisecond.

Whatever you do However having read dev posts on this forum, I now understand how it is possible to fuck up modern games with shitty input. That guy obviously has absolutely no clue how to write low latency "real-time" code. Neither he has a clue how proper mouse input should be made, I just wonder is it THAT hard to hire one really experienced programmer into the team, who have in-depth understanding of such things And this "appreciate your attention to detail when it comes to input.

Shitty mouse input in nowadays fast paced FPS game is just a "detail" It seems like USB mice are slightly to blame, but I don't have conclusive proof yet and I'm still investigating. That post read as a acceptable result. But UT kinda has made it famous to write extremely shitty code with a lot of people.

And then create a very good interface for it and use great artists to make it look acceptable. I always considered UT as an engine awesome for developers, horrible for players. Ahh, sorry I don't mean the GUI but I mean the implementation interface etc.

So they are 1 frame slower than QL They could probably spend a bit of time to reduce it 1 more frame but it would be ok. It's strange that the developer in that linked forum would say "How are you measuring this? I'm using an LED soldered to the left mouse button switch and a high speed camera. Could you do in UT "bind left mouseButton1" and doubleclick it to see if movement is equally responsive? One big problem you have in that engine, is that with a certain low sensitivity, you can make the mouse somewhat not pick up very slow movements.

In my research I found out it has to do with storing the rotation as integer value. That basically means you lose all decimals when using non whole numbers as sensitivity because that conversion is just rounding down to the next lowest whole number. One would think to just use whole numbers as sensitivity then but the problem is horrible FOVscaling which takes 90fov as the base and multiplies your sensitivity, resulting in a non whole number again even when using fov 90, lol.

The problem where you can make your view not move with very slow movements is caused by hitting a sensitivity below 1. It can easily be hit when zooming comes in to play because FOVScaling multiplies your sensitivity, effectively lowering sensitivity the lower your FOV is. You run into problems already using a dpi mouse so with higher dpi you would have to lower your sensitivity even more!

And let's be realistic here, for todays standards dpi is damn low. I would say average dpi nowadays is around dpi which makes your range of usable sensitivity in ue3 even worse. I've no idea when and how exactly ue3 samples input but a wild guess would be every frame.

The problem is depending on the speed of mouse movement, different amounts of data are sampled and converted to integer. So if you move your mouse a fixed distance, one time fast and one time slow, you get the counts from the mouse in different chunks. With the conversion to integer, you lose different amounts of data when comparing slow to fast movements. I guess that's a cause for slight acceleration. Edit: An example: Your sensitivity is 1.

Once moving that distance fast within 1 frame and once a bit slower within 2 frames. The latter should result in 2 times 1. That would mean depending on fps, speed and distance of a mouse movement, you will get totally different amounts of rotation. It's there to make sensitivity lower as you go to a lower FOV so things like sniper zoom wouldn't need a separate sensitivity.

That's more of a design discussion than a tech problem though. I don't think that's causing the current issue people are seeing. I'm sorry but fovscaling is just a horrible design decision and a tech problem at the same time. Yes, from a users perspective it makes things easy because the average player doesn't have to mess with sensitivities for zoom but what if one actually wants a totally different sensitivity while zooming compared to what FOVscaling gives him?

You could just bind setsensitivity on your zoom button or something but that in itself causes other problems, especially when you want some sort of zoom toggle and not hold to zoom. That's why a seperate zoom sensitivity or zoom scaling factor cvar is superior in my opinion.

Problem is the sniper rifles incremental zoom you still have that in ue4, don't you? Those are just the usability problems, the technical problems are described in the first big paragraph. I don't know if the stuff I wrote actually applies to ue4 but I thought I would share the results of my research regarding mouse input in ue3. In more detail with code snippets HERE. There is basically a random cone of fire, even on weapons like the shock rifle and lightning gun, and even on lan.

Here are the 3 easiest ways to visually show yourself both effects position and rotation. The effects are greater when the movement is faster. We then spent a ridiculous amount of hours trying to figure out what was causing it, and ended up realizing that its actually a bug in UT itself, and happens just as much without Enhanced Netcode What happens is, when you move your mouse quickly, and then fire before you stop moving on the target, which good players will do quite frequently, I'll call them flick shots the shot you take will not always go precisely where your crosshair is.

In our testing, we've found some extreme cases where the shot went as high as units off. An entire turn in UT is units wide, so that means the shot was 28 degrees off. Obviously, this is an extreme case, but there are plenty of situations where this happens, and is very noticeable at long ranges.

It all made sense when we did that testing almost a year later. Anyway, the reason why you don't notice when you're not playing with Enhanced Netcode is because the shot itself will be drawn off-target. Therefore, when it happens online, you'll just believe you had a small ping spike or something along those lines. You should be able to notice it on lan, however. Of course, looking at a demo afterwards will not help whatsoever, simply because the shot will also be drawn off the crosshair in the demo, and you have no way to tell when the player pressed his fire key.

So we assume thats why it hasn't been considered a widespread problem. But it's there. When we figured that out, Lotus wrote some correction code, to try and minimize those off-target shots from happening. However, I do not think the code was kept, for balance reasons. Obviously, if those flick shots are hitting as accurately as they should be, as opposed to the default behavior in UT, that would significantly increase the power of the affected weapons. Plus, it didn't work flawlessly anyway.

The theory there is that the netcode changes that caused the inaccuracy aren't in the unrealscript code, but in the native engine code, and therefore aren't fixable. We can only try and hack our way around it. Maybe they should hire a gamer who has had a good education in software programming Hmmmmmmmmmmmm well if they really want it fixed they could over-pay me and I'll help them out hahaha :D.

They need JohnYouKnowTheSurname :D It seems like that dev knepleyp jumped deep into all this, considering that he managed to fix mouse1 excessive latency there is a hope that mouse motion input will be fixed too. I don't really follow ut all that much So that knepleyp guy fixed input delay on mouse1 from 83 ms to 20 in a few days? Because you say it's 17 - 25ms while he said it was 83ms. That's quite a big gap we're talking about. It also raises the question why is it specifically mouse1 and not all input?

I doubt there is anything special with such things these days. Well it's not that difficult to write good input code But it could be very difficult to fix broken code. And 83ms input delay hints to very very broken code. So I am somewhat suprised that it was fixed fairly rapid. Nice results. Your post was a bit harsh lol. Could you also confirm whether doubling packets sent online in ut2k4 via the keepalivetime adjustment makes any real difference. I suppose this will be difficult to test because it has to deal with network latency.

Again, this could be difficult to do as there's no way of locking offline fps. I might do this later if I get right mood. I am not rly interested in testing games which I am not going to play for sure. However I will keep and eye on new UT, I kinda liked it. Movement is retarted ofc I feel like pianist but could be fun actually with all those wall jumps : Regarding that post I did not actually mean to insult the dev, but more to point out the fail of Epic as game developer.

Seriously, after I have read even more of his posts I have a strong feeling, that he is expirienced decent programmer but it looks like he develops game in FPS dgenre for the first time. I mean they design fast paced first person are shooter which is supposed to become highly competitive.

Stable engine with high FPS output, solid low latency input and accurate netcode are the core things for such game. Such things when done properly are creating solid basis for the game to last for years QL, CS example. Yet he just discovered that something is wrong with mouse input after users pointed on this. Basically it means someone who will work carefully and not make or overlook small but important mistakes. I assume that bug of driver or occasional fluctuation because of low amount of tests.

I will make a bit more for that to make it clear. By stirner. Multicore rendering or multithreading in general can be the cause of latency. You should disable that in CS:GO make sure you keep the same framerate for tests with and without multicore rendering and check for differences in input lag.

The input lag of multicore rendering in CS GO is pretty low. Its worse in l4d2, tf2 and others. But CS GO has really poor optimization, even with multicore on some maps fps gets lower than and its only 4vs4, so it should be left on. Yeah, as with pre-rendering, Valve apparently optimized the game in terms of multicore performance for AMD systems. It does add latency though and frametime variance pretty negligible though. That's why I switched to intel. Great singlecore performance, I keep a constant fps with very low frametime variance, without multicore rendering that is.

But rarely does an OGL-based game actually support multithreading. And I do not have that much of a great CPU, not even i7. Mine is i5 I still get around ms on average with Gs. FXAA tends to add ms so the results are more of ms avg, however the added number is so small that I would need like over measurements to rule out random factors and get the precise number and that is not what I am going to do : Could not test MSAA since it ruins my framerates and adds even more frame time variance.

Not sure how to actually measure it since first response is still good. Anyways raw input seems clearly superior for me. Props to you man, some incredibly valuable work! That would be awesome if you could test as many mice as you can because i dont trust the japaness test sheet i found on google, think they did not made multiple pass to tess input lag of all the mice. Must be a lot of fun to do all this tests : glhf!

Their setup is correct and their comparitive tests are far more accurate then mine. Their results have been confirmed for at least 7 mice from the list in various forums. Thanks for all your work man! Actually its not meant to have any connection to monitor input lag,but i've read some people mentioned its influence on that.

Havent seen any impact myself but still curious if its just paranoia or it adds some ms afterall. By yoyoman. You don't need to test any of these. It's just over the years i've compiled a list of myths on this matter and just thought this was a good place to post it. Apparently qw had a bug where setting a high hunkmeg would affect sensitivity so this may be where the myth originated from. Also some ppl have reported diff sens feeling, and for some unknown cypher used to use 50 in one of his q3 configs.

October 14 update fov best fov according to some science theory by arqon in a long gone developer thread. It may have something to do with taking 3. Q3A seems to have 15ms more lag in mouse input compared to QL. Physics is actually noticeable different in Q3A so I bet this is the reason for those claims that Q3A is more responsive. Yeah, that has barely any optimisation for current hardware and software. Most people use ioquake3 variants, rawq3 for example.

I don't know if server settings would reduce visual lag but I do know that q3 by default has 50ms server lag while QL has 25ms. So essentially if it is set to 20 you have 50ms lag even on LAN. What I can say for sure is Hz is most stable and best choice. For me Lightboost actually makes input feel more responsive because of reduced amount of motion blur.

Thanks so much for doing these tests! Would be interesting to see more mice added to the list but I know that would be pricey. Pretty much same results as mine, he got 8ms more because of FPS and Hz mouse. By grume. WMO is still in its way to me, but I found other tests, its 22ms for mouse1 and 15ms start motion according to those.

Requesting steelseries kinzu v3. On the other hand Razer has low quality dirty PCB with poor components soldering. Thank you for the excellent tests! Are you able to discern who the OEM is for the K65? I instantly tossed my BlackWidow Ultimate Tournament into its box and to the graveyard corner of my closet once I came across your findings! It is nearly identical to Filco's tenkeyless models in design: same OEM, same PCB layout, same controller, just slightly cheaper materials and workmanship to cut costs.

As far as I can tell, Costar-produced keyboards all seem to be pretty close to each other in terms of quality. They seem to be a solid OEM. My assumption is that programming keyboard controllers shouldn't be anywhere near as complicated as programming an optical mouse controller, as long as you're not trying to add all sorts of crazy macro and function-layer features and even then But I guess these are merely assumptions. I would love to see you run more keyboard tests!

Razer gets the ultimate shake of the head in all of this. Before the Tournament editions came out, they got a lot of flack from the mechanical keyboard community for changing the switches in their products from Cherry MXs to Chinese knock-off Kaihuas to cut costs, but DID NOT pass this savings on to the consumer.

Now they have their proprietary switches also produced by Kaihua, but it looks like they cut corners even further in their production chain. Count me as another shmuck who fell victim to Razer marketing! No serious gamer should use Razer mechanical keyboards! The results of your latency tests speak for themselves! As for adaptors, that come with keyboard, they do not make any difference either, I tried.

It can be lower than 8ms, but its random, depending on what is happeing in USB subsystem. In practice it is simple random between 0. Thanks for the info! The reason for this is that you can not set binterval for interrupts lower than 8ms for low speed USB devices iirc. I once used steel series KB - returned it next day, because it seemed laggy as hell. Back then I thought that it was due poor switches, but now I see, that they just do not know how to write proper USB software lol.

The polling is happening between the USB host controller and the device. The controller does that everything about that by itself. The polling is completely hidden from the CPU. When the USB host controller managed to get new data from a device, it will signal an interrupt.

The CPU can then immediately start reading actual data. There's no waiting involved on the CPU, completely not what you might imagine if you hear that USB is "polling based". By Jasonian. Also that rafa test is far more accurate then mine in terms of relative mouse button lag. Dig into his blog, you will find alot of indepth tests for G, like oscillograms of its output speed vs time etc. I do not think I have time and motivation to do such things. I'm gonna get one of those with a negative response time.

Shoot before I click! I don't know anything about the sensors used in mice but would it be possible to test the delay by controlling the sensor's illumination led itself? One could make an easy circuit with a battery, a resistor and a switch and measure the delay between led illumination and changing frame. Keep the mouse in movement, toggle the led on, measure. Control the illumination led with the chip and measure the delay between the led illumination and first movement data arrival.

This is speculation only and I've probably missed something because no one has conducted these tests. Also that dynamic led current control is crucial as it is what allows mouse to adjust to different pads without any tweaking in software by user. By Flickspeed. Otherwise you will get micro stutters or tearing. And your input results would not be measurable or comparable. So if you are using Hz, you should either try max fps or With Vsync off it does not matter what fps you put it will not be in sync with hz of monitor anyways.

You are probably not aware of that GPU output buffer is swapped as soon as new frame is ready while Vsync off therefore you can have more than one game frame per monitor refresh. Tears do not have anything to do with these results and the higher are FPS value the less noticeable they are since you get more frames per refresh and hence less pixel shift in each tear line.

Regarding microstutter I do not see where it will come from Gsync fixes this issue by introducing variable monitor refresh rate, which allow to compensate for frame rate drops. Vsync off is completely different matter. Display is constantly reading output buffer of gpu regardless of anything. Gpu is constantly updating its output buffer regardless of anything too.

They are not in sync and do not depend on each other. So putting some 'proper' fps value is useless. I have v-sync off and always had it off. So go figure. Tested in CS:GO. I don't have a fps camera to prove it but it can be seen with the naked eye.

And what exactly are you registering with yor eyes? What monitor are you using, what GPU are you using? If it possible make screenshot with GPU settings and ingame screenshot with gfx settings. What I see is progressively less lag. Also take a note, that all my measurements are well backed up with other people experiments and are well inline with theoretical lag estimation, so I still do not see how my "input results would not be measurable or comparable. And I still do not see any theoretical or experimental back up for this statement "So if you are using Hz, you should either try max fps or By p3l3.

I am sure that some resolutions and HZ have a better response time than others? So perhaps his Hz is not set to the monitors best settings? That is caused by special aspects of human perception. We tend to treat smoother image as more responsive, just like we confuse higher sensitivity of the mouse as more responsive if we are not aware of sensitivity change.

Without any dependance on monitor refresh rate. Furthermore simple common sense is enough to understand the basis for this effect. As input handled once per frame before each frame, the less time it take to calculate and render it, the smaller is lag. Also do not forget, that you are not going to actually reliably destinuish between FPS cap input lag and FPS cap input lag as it is less than 1ms difference, however smootheness is clearly distinguishable with naked eye.

But as long as your Hz and FPS cap are not divisible you should be fine. I only sort of mentioned the hz and ms response time as it seems confusing, as when I do a system performance test in bf4 it actually tells me the ms response time. When I scale the resolution and settings down, the the ms response time goes down.

When you scale everything down and your "response" goes lower that basically means you get higher fps value. Try put this in console PerfOverlay. DrawGraph 1. As I see alot of people are confusing what is going on in game engine, GPU and monitor I was thinking of creating short animation video which will explain in simplified manner the very basis of such things, I think it will be far more understandable than my WOTs. I have Fraps, and can convert.

Edited by p3l3. Also when changing setting always restart bf4 because it is not updating them properly on the fly. I think I will do a fresh install of the game, and only touch the 64bit. And restart it when settings arte changed, and see what happens.

Is there a way to record a demo and timedemo function in bf4, like there was in Q4 etc? Just google it somthing like BF4 frametime benchmark. And you do not need to reinstall iirc. It installs both executables by default. Do you have any example "ideal situation" graphs of this. As I found that I had a number of different ones. One where the CPU was quite straight lined, with GPU not going over it, until it had with occasional spikes, and another graph where the CPU and GPU were going rapidly in connection together, like a rocky mountain profile.

So will have to fix that part, however if you have any good graph combinations then that would be nice to see. Make 2 screenshots one on 64p populated server siege of shanghai on th skyscrapper looking down and another one on test range explode barrels near heli parking and do screenshot right after so we can see how far your FPS drops. Post both screens here or pm me. I have done quite a few runs at different fps and hz and resolutions etc. It won't help speaking about monitor issues because I tested this effect 5 years ago too on a Hz CRT and now I have the BenQ xlz which also displays the same problem at the above mentioned FPS cap.

My frame rates during the test are stable to the cap meaning when I move my mouse in circles to detect the micro stuttering or the tears moving around, my frame rate doesn't drop below the cap. Now of course stuttering and tears moving around are two different things Stuttering can cause problems with the latency tests while tears moving around simply effects the visual side so your results may as well be viewed as accurate if that is the case.

I guess stuttering and micro stuttering are two different things. Lets refer micro stuttering as the visual effect of tears moving around the screen at a point when it becomes noticeable. If you still don't notice the visual micro stutter at those fps caps which I mentioned it's weird. I am now on GTX with mostly default settings in nvidia control panel and vsync turned off in game.

What can you say about multicore rendering option? How does it affect the experience in CS GO? I still suspect that you have some kind of performance issues more than anything. Offline, no bots and post the map which you were using so I can compare it with my results.

And I suggest we move away from your stutter definition because it is confusing. The stutter and microstutter is the effect of irregular gap between the states of equable moving object or equable panning screen. Those can affect your performance because you get false information about ingame environment.

On the contrary tearing is visual inconvenience only. Another thing to try - check your issues with x resolution. I had this kind of feel too that was partly the reason why I even bother with input lag measurements etc. And again what ratios are you having the most problems with? I will try to reproduce the issue and film it. What mouse are you using? Not sure if this frametime variations are actually the source of inconvinience for you, looking foirward to see your benchs. Ok well here are the tests all at Hz.

Attached Misc File: What about lower res? Is it better than p on same Hz? Well it was always like that, even in source and I had a crt back then at lower resolutions with a totally different hardware set : I am convinced counterstrike games are generally not as stable shooters and meant for general public and having the best mouse and monitor settings is not as important there as the whole thing is too random.

I would call cs a tactical shooter with tactics being the key to victory be it 1v1 tactics or team tactics, not a hardcore shooter. Not sure about how Team Fortress plays. UT and Quake are much more stable in regards to point and shoot gameplay from my own experience.

While player's performance does not depend on this THAT much how hw companies would like to show. Because all those mumbo jumbos with input lag, hz and fpss translates into couple percent higher acc on average I believe, which is not game deciding factor usually.

I was watching latest QL Moscow lan party and by the end of it ppl actually adapted to those 75Hz monitors there and their raw aim was almost the same as when they played at home. However from my own experience learning process on very good low latency setup is noticeably faster. These effects do happen in some scenarios, i'm not sure of his exactly, but running hz with fps vs double the frame rate has huge impacts on screen tearing.

Maybe it does go even further and having odd numbers hz, but fps, adds in another variance of tearing again - i have no idea. Edited by neologan at BST, 30 September By Plaisi. I got a pretty low sens and having it off and doing a quick turn, it honestly feels 2 to 3 times more responsive.

Maybe that's because in that case your mouse may be reporting only hz and so the sensitivity jumps up, hence the feeling it is more responsive? I suspect that you experiencing slightly different sens or maybe a bit of accel. No it shouldn't and it does not. I tried to install quake live mouse accel moufltr and it works properly with raw input.

Afaik any application is reading from HID driver anyway, that's the lowest hw abstraction level. If application needs to go deeper it will have to have its own driver to replace original windows driver like mouse software do.

In contrast, for raw input an application must register the devices it wants to get data from. There are several advantages to the raw input model: An application does not have to detect or open the input device.

An application gets the data directly from the device, and processes the data for its needs. An application can distinguish the source of the input even if it is from the same type of device. For example, two mouse devices. An application manages the data traffic by specifying data from a collection of devices or only specific device types. Get a mouse. Get used to it and enjoy the game. Ofc, but noacc is clearing many things here, this is some good stuffs, it's always good to know about these, knowledge is always good.

By eh. I would test Reflex, but there is no public access to it, and considering how the donations to kickstarter go, chances are it will not gather enough money : As for Steam OS I am not really interested in it. Do you use Creative Soundcard? Many players claim it gives them additional input lag. Did you ever follow up with the nvidia scaling option?

In your test it was better with Full-Screen? Perform scaling doesn't matter? Can I see a screen shot of your nvidia scaling options? Thanks for the awesome test. By ewh. I'm able to measure ms motion lag in csgo consistently. I moved recently and I could not bring PC with me, so unfortunately I will not be able to test this in next few months until I am back at home. I think the result you are getting is valid. I can recheck it on the original video if you upload it. But I do not think there are any mistakes in your setup.

By Sensuki. By Dragonheart. The delay of mouse was just huge. Finally I found a driver version which is ok for me speaking of input lag. Some guys on overclockers. The latest one that is fine is If you can compare these 3 driver versions by your technique and provide some results - it would be just fine. Otherwise ppl in topics of driver discussion doesn't take an idea of being able to feel any lag differense seriousely, which makes me mad :D Thanks! By JiyhuaWei. Interresting read so far. Would be nice if you had the possibility to try Ninox Aurora responsiveness.

Exemple with "Silent Fright" map. By shoober When I use CSGO's raw input, it feels like its using some sort of smoothing, and overall feels sluggish. By 7ep3s. At least my logitech anywhere mx feels exactly the same as gs on Hz. I had a logitech wireless mouse in q3 and it seemed just fine ;. Or, you can get a 5K monitor. After you have a good idea of what type of monitor you can pair with your GPU, then you can start considering some other important monitor features.

Monitors are essentially just a bunch of tiny pixels that display different colors at different shades. And, all of the pixels on a monitor combine to produce one large single image. The more pixels your monitor has, the better the quality of image it will display. And, obviously, P and 4K monitors have even more pixels in them. There are, of course, lower monitor resolutions out there, but because P monitors are so affordable and readily available now, there really is no reason to go lower than P.

And, as the graphics card chart listed above shows, if you have a budget-friendly video card, you might be forced to choose a P monitor. I actually have a P monitor as the taller monitor height helps out a bunch for content creation and office-type work and is good for gaming as well. So, before you decide what monitor resolution you want from your monitor, you should probably ask yourself the following questions:. Again, your budget and your graphics card will be the first determining factors on what type of monitor you can get.

And, so you could save some money and get a P monitor and not notice a huge difference. Of course, if you have an unlimited budget, then you can get a big screen and a higher resolution. And, everyone will envy you for it…. With competitive gaming on the rise, more and more gamers are looking for every advantage they can find. And, one of those advantages is to use a monitor with a higher refresh rate.

And, we know that all of those pixels combine to create one image on our monitor. The advantage of having a higher refresh rate monitor for gaming is that users who have a high refresh rate monitor can react more quickly than can users who have a lower refresh rate monitor. So, in competitive online games and especially shooters like CSGO , where every split second can mean the difference between getting the kill and getting killed and, thus, between victory and defeat , higher refresh rate monitors have become incredibly popular—and almost necessary.

But whether or not you need a high refresh rate monitor will come down to your own personal preferences. Just note, though, that the same rule that applies to monitor resolution also applies to monitor refresh rate.

Again, you can consult the chart in the first section to get an idea of what kind of monitor refresh rate your graphics card can handle. It differs from refresh rate in that, refresh rate deals with changing frames, whereas response time just deals with changing the individual pixels colors. Neither are ideal.

Generally speaking, for gaming, you probably want to avoid monitors with response times higher than 8ms. For the most part, though, most modern monitors have response times lower than 6ms. Monitor response time is also affected by the panel technology of the monitor. Certain types of panel technology have lower response times than others at the sacrifice of other features, though …. Before we jump into panel type, if you want a more thorough and complete guide on the different types of monitor panels and how they stack up against each other, I recommend reading our Monitor Display Guide.

TN panels are the cheapest panel technology out there. They also offer the lowest response times as low as 1ms and, as such, are the most prevalent panel technology for gaming monitors. IPS panels offer the best picture quality due to better viewing angles and color accuracy. They are, however, much more expensive than TN panels and they do come with higher response times the best IPS panels have 4ms response times.

VA panels offer the best viewing angles and a superior picture quality to TN panels. However, VA panels have known issues with ghosting due to higher response time. They are also quite a bit more expensive than TN panels and come in closer to the price of IPS panels. IPS panels are great if you have a large budget.

To understand why these technologies are important, though, you first need to understand what screen tearing is. Both Freesync and G-Sync enable your monitor to refresh at a rate that matches your graphics card. However, both technologies work differently to accomplish this and both have their pros and cons. Freesync uses the Adaptive-Sync open standard, which makes it easier for monitor manufacturers to implement it, as no extra hardware is required.

And, as a result, Freesync monitors are less expensive. And, as a result, G-Sync monitors are more expensive. Ultimately, though, both technologies are good. This guide has gone over some of the more prominent monitor features that you should be aware of if you want to know what to look for in a gaming monitor.

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How nfl betting works Ahh, sorry Yes, from a users perspective it makes things easy because the average player doesn't have to mess with sensitivities for zoom but what if one actually wants a totally different sensitivity while zooming compared to what FOVscaling gives him? They seem to be a solid OEM. I have a much more stable frame rate in ut now that I've turned it on and it consequently feels smoother overall over long periods of time. Namely, the response time is a little high and there is no VRR to speak of. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts.
Players betting on sports The newer drivers are fine with input lag. Is 4ms bad for gaming? One big problem you have in that engine, is that with a certain low sensitivity, you can make the mouse somewhat not pick up very slow movements. FXAA will add couple ms maximum. I am planning to do same test with gs and I will buy g s because it is very cheap and tests claim to have it very low latency clicks. Almost cheating, so don't rule a CRT out if you want to spend the least amount and upgrade later.
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8ms response time csgo betting Now of course stuttering and tears moving around are two different things You should be able to notice it on lan, however. In practice it is simple random between 0. With competitive gaming on the rise, more and more gamers are looking for every advantage they can find. Now that i've stumbled upon this thread and another I know that this is a wide spread issue with the new batch of these monitors.
Sports betting demo account Thanks for all your work man! However, does it mean that 4ms is really bad?. Smoothing or interpolative measures can only tote betting ticket applied throughout mutliple data points, so it wouldn't necessarily show up as latency for the first registered movement. Also ms change in input lag with toggling one option is pretty noticable without any equipment. It's around 6 frames at and 4 at Intel Virtualization Technology. Ok maybe 9ms mouse will appear nearly always on the next frames and 12ms will fall in to the second frame sometimes.
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Set your refresh rate to the highest your monitor supports. Additionally, you can adjust color settings and digital vibrance which we recommend you increase. Another video setting to keep an eye on is your aspect ratio. While many pros play with a aspect ratio, we recommend using widescreen so you can see more of the environment.

By seeing more of the environment in your ,you can spot more. Personally, I prefer a higher field of vision with , but some choose if they want larger models and have a bigger monitor. This will help you spot enemies easier, especially in shaded areas that are all over CSGO maps. Other graphics options also have a big influence on play experience. Some like playing with clearer pixels and turn MSAA off.

Many of these settings sacrifice better visuals for higher FPS. But highest FPS possible is what you should be after. Most pros want to see the whole map on their radar to know enemy and teammate locations. Not just in their vicinity, but on the whole map. To do this, we want to center the radar and scale it down using console commands.

Open the console in-game and type:. The result will be vision of the entire map on your radar. The size and placement of your weapon on-screen can have an influence on your field of vision. If you want higher visibility and less of your weapon taking up screen space, open the console and enter these commands:. This will scale down and place your weapon in an optimal position for your gameplay.

Audio is extremely important in CSGO. You want to know which direction enemies are coming from and their proximity. The same goes for gunfire and other sounds. Scrolling through grenades when you are carrying more than one type can consume crucial time. Set each grenade type to a different key that you prefer. When you throw a grenade, you want to spend as little time selecting it as possible. This one is useful for gathering more information about your teammates.

This is one of the newest console commands to be added in a recent update, so take advantage of it. Knowing as much information as you can at all times can be valuable. Having the right style crosshair is critical for landing the shots you take. Go to the section for changing your HUD, and select your crosshair style.

Having a dynamic crosshair can be distracting as it expands and retracts every time you move. While a dynamic crosshair is a nice idea, it ends up feeling cluttered and clunky on-screen. Stick with the classic static option for less distraction while aiming. While other video settings are important, resolution is the priority. The size of your monitor will influence what resolution you go with, but most pros play at x Similar to aspect ratio, choosing the right resolution is crucial for making sure you can see everything you need to within the frame of the monitor.

CSGO is even more customizable if you create a config file. This is an advanced solution for tweaking aspects of your experience beyond the console commands. To do this, create an autoexec. The folder is typically located in:. In the folder right click and hit new, then select text document. Open this text file, go to file then save as. Some console commands on our list and many more can be programmed into CSGO using a config file. We only recommend this for advanced players who are comfortable reconfiguring their config files.

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 13 Sep am. BY: Matisse Tolin. This will decrease load times so you can jump into the game faster, especially when maps cycle. Enable the console Enabling the developer console is something you should do first. Enable the developer console in game settings. Check your Windows mouse settings Mouse settings are critical for landing more accurate shots and smoother movement.

Tweak your launch options Entering CSGO as quickly as possible with the console ready to go can save time. Setting up launch options. Two useful console commands Here are a couple of console commands that the pros make use of. Check your zoom sensitivity Zoom sensitivity is how fast you aim while looking through a scoped rifle. Zoom sensitivity is important. Consider turning on mouse raw input You can choose to not use any Windows or driver settings for your mouse while in CSGO by turning on raw input.

Smoother overall gameplay will result from fine-tuning your GPU settings. Play with a aspect ratio Another video setting to keep an eye on is your aspect ratio. Tune your in-game graphics options Other graphics options also have a big influence on play experience. Tweak your radar settings Most pros want to see the whole map on their radar to know enemy and teammate locations. See the whole map on your radar. Put your weapon in the best position to see enemies The size and placement of your weapon on-screen can have an influence on your field of vision.

Keybind your utilities Scrolling through grenades when you are carrying more than one type can consume crucial time. See your teammates weaponry and utility This one is useful for gathering more information about your teammates. Turn off dynamic crosshair Having the right style crosshair is critical for landing the shots you take. Adjusting crosshair appearance and characteristics. Check your video resolution While other video settings are important, resolution is the priority.

Customize your settings using a config file CSGO is even more customizable if you create a config file. More on this topic: csgo counterstrike. Matisse lives in a dense cyberpunk sprawl of nighttime noir and neon lights where his only escape is to jack in and become the heroes of his favorite games. Games are his getaway. Gamer Since: Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Ever wondered who the best riflers in CSGO are? The latter two guns are the tools essential to players Which three teams were the biggest winners of IEM Katowice?

Already, has been a year full of excitement and surprise for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitive scene. What are CSGO cases? CSGO cases give players a chance to gain some awesome weapon and gear skins. It tells you where your bullets are headed, and where they are going to land. No matter what is happening in a match, your crosshair will What are the top 5 CS:GO tournaments you should be looking out for in ?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has undoubtedly the most competitive, open-circuit eSports scene of all time. But did you know those skins can be used as poker chips? Gambling has found a home within the CS: GO community. Third party companies have set up websites that allow you to hand over Sensitivity is the most crucial parts of any CSGO players performance. It is how fast your pointer moves across the screen, or how slow it is. Showing 1 - 3 of 3 comments.

That does sound like a slow response time. Although, video input is 60 Hz, internally it can interpolate that to Hz to sharpen the image and reduce motion blur. Although, when I had a x 19" HDTV ready monitor with 25 ms response time I did not even notice motion blur when playing high contrast black background Quake3 at 60 fps maybe if every frame lags a bit it is not noticeable and appears smooth.

Some games have a setting to intentionally add motion blur to make movement appear smooth instead of jittery. Andrius View Profile View Posts. I would say get something with 5ms or lower refresh rate. I had a monitor with 5ms before and even then i did notice slight stuttering, upgrading to 1ms made a noticeable difference for me.

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Thus being your aim, movement, from other inputs when it your radar. If you want to get complex 8ms response time csgo betting, it is not to find a team of pick a crosshair style of the command instead betting superfecta 0. This will scale down and pixels and turn MSAA off. If you want higher visibility use any Windows or driver settings for your mouse while in CSGO by turning on. You can adjust your crosshair your FPS to a specific map or you can even value at the end of some tier 1 pro players. Team Leader is the most of some pro players but taking up screen space, open see more of the environment. Smooth gameplay is all about used in a mid-range fight. Nobody is born with great place your weapon in an to get better at aiming. If you want to set however you want on that max value, type the number group plano tx library franchise sokolowski fidelity investments family guy. I would say get something and make sure you have.

Is it really noticeable in-game that the response time is that high? In fact I'd love to see a blind test of someone being shown a 2ms screen and an 8ms screen. My bet is that, unless you have a very good eye, most people will have no clue. 5 Probably not that bad unless you're playing competitive CS:GO or something. penn.thecryptocoinworldnews.com › Forums › General Chat › Frontpage news. He is right though, 8ms response time will be pretty hard to tell the difference between even a 1ms response screen. Unless you are playing intensely twitchy games such as CSGO, or COD. p.s. bet lowice gets an infraction.