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Each way betting has mostly been associated with horse racing. Such betting is possible when the racing track has at least four runners and riders. In such cases, bookmakers usually offer one-half, one-third, one-quarter or one-fifth on the odds on the selection, depending on the number of runners on the field at the time of the event. In terms of football, each way betting is fairly common, particularly in the outright betting markets. A good way to keep up with this is through staying up to date with the latest news!

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Docker and Kubernetes are taking the world by storm! The Department of Public Safety held stakeholder sessions last month and is "getting ready to present proposed changes to government," said spokesperson Coreen Enos.

There are 58 proposed changes, according to Bob Davidson, executive director of the New Brunswick Police Association, and the parties agree on almost all of them, except the ones dealing with officers being suspended without pay. Jeff Porter — what he describes as "the Porter fiasco" — has been "the elephant in the room. He was subsequently accused of three more offences related to alleged retaliation against the complainant. After various delays, including a failed legal challenge by Porter last February, he was scheduled to face an arbitration hearing before the New Brunswick Police Commission on Oct.

A few days prior to the hearing, Porter gave notice he planned to retire at the end of the year and the hearing was adjourned until Dec. That hearing was unable to proceed because the provincial policing disciplinary body only has authority over active police officers.

A Right to Information request filed by CBC News revealed Porter worked as a supply teacher while he was suspended with pay amid the sexual harassment allegations. Porter has a bachelor of education with a major in physical education, according to the website of the KV Judo Club he co-founded in He also continued to serve as a sensei with the club, which has students as young as five, according to the website.

Obviously, somebody was asleep at the switch at the school level to let him in a classroom. On Nov. As it stands, municipal and regional forces cannot suspend an officer without pay, unless the officer has been found guilty in court or at an arbitration hearing. Davidson contends suspension with pay is vital to front-line officers who may face false allegations by criminals, which can take years to defeat. He envisions an independent inquiry similar to the one in , when Alphonse MacNeil, a retired assistant commissioner with the RCMP, was hired to review the policies, practices and procedures of the New Brunswick Police Commission.

Flemming has not said whether he will launch an inquiry. It tabled a proposal during last month's stakeholder talks, which was agreed to by the two chiefs representatives, he said. I mean, if some bureaucrats or politicians think they know more than the frontline officers and chiefs of police, well, that's a sad situation.

The stakeholders' committee came up with several major changes, including taking certain powers away from the commission and giving them back to the minister, and having mutually agreed upon arbitrators, according to Davidson. The review was resurrected last month in the wake of news of Porter's retirement. An in-person meeting was held, followed up by a video conference, with two representatives each from the police association, the New Brunswick Association of Chiefs of Police, the New Brunswick Police Commission, municipalities, and the province.

Kennebecasis Regional Police Force Wayne Gallant, who represented the chiefs with Miramichi Police Chief Paul Fiander, said they "are supportive of making updates" to the act and "appreciated the opportunity to be consulted. He declined to comment on the Porter matter. The New Brunswick Police Commission was pleased to participate in the stakeholder meetings, said executive director Jennifer Smith. The commission will remain engaged in the process as a stakeholder.

The current Police Act was enacted in on unanimous agreement, said Davidson. It was updated in Porter is at least the third officer in recent years to retire before facing possible disciplinary action. Former Saint John Police Force deputy chief Glen McCloskey retired in April , six months before he was scheduled to face an arbitration hearing related to Dennis Oland's first murder trial in in the bludgeoning death of his father, multimillionaire Richard Oland.

Another officer alleged McCloskey had urged him not to reveal he had walked through the bloody crime scene. Oland was found not guilty in after being retried by judge alone. And former Kennebecasis Regional Police Force chief Stephen McIntyre retired in after an independent investigator found he committed 23 breaches of various sections of the code of conduct by, among other things, failing "to ensure that the improper or unlawful conduct of Insp.

Porter was not concealed. ET on Wednesday, Feb. In Canada, the provinces are reporting 25, new vaccinations administered for a total of 1,, doses given. The provinces have administered doses at a rate of 2, There were 4, new vaccines delivered to the provinces and territories for a total of 1,, doses delivered so far. The provinces and territories have used Please note that Newfoundland, P. Newfoundland is reporting 2, new vaccinations administered over the past seven days for a total of 12, doses given.

The province has administered doses at a rate of There were zero new vaccines delivered to Newfoundland for a total of 17, doses delivered so far. The province has received enough of the vaccine to give 3. The province has used There were zero new vaccines delivered to P. The province has received enough of the vaccine to give 6. Nova Scotia is reporting 3, new vaccinations administered over the past seven days for a total of 18, doses given. There were 4, new vaccines delivered to Nova Scotia for a total of 34, doses delivered so far.

New Brunswick is reporting 1, new vaccinations administered over the past seven days for a total of 18, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to New Brunswick for a total of 25, doses delivered so far. Quebec is reporting 3, new vaccinations administered for a total of , doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Quebec for a total of , doses delivered so far. Ontario is reporting 12, new vaccinations administered for a total of , doses given.

There were zero new vaccines delivered to Ontario for a total of , doses delivered so far. Manitoba is reporting 1, new vaccinations administered for a total of 49, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Manitoba for a total of 66, doses delivered so far. The province has received enough of the vaccine to give 4. Saskatchewan is reporting 1, new vaccinations administered for a total of 44, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Saskatchewan for a total of 44, doses delivered so far.

Alberta is reporting 3, new vaccinations administered for a total of , doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Alberta for a total of , doses delivered so far. British Columbia is reporting 1, new vaccinations administered for a total of , doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to British Columbia for a total of , doses delivered so far. Yukon is reporting new vaccinations administered for a total of 11, doses given.

The territory has administered doses at a rate of There were zero new vaccines delivered to Yukon for a total of 14, doses delivered so far. The territory has received enough of the vaccine to give 35 per cent of its population a single dose. The territory has used The Northwest Territories are reporting new vaccinations administered for a total of 12, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to the Northwest Territories for a total of 14, doses delivered so far.

The territory has received enough of the vaccine to give 32 per cent of its population a single dose. Nunavut is reporting 87 new vaccinations administered for a total of 5, doses given. There were zero new vaccines delivered to Nunavut for a total of 12, doses delivered so far. The territory has received enough of the vaccine to give 31 per cent of its population a single dose. Note that some provinces report weekly, while others report same-day or figures from the previous day.

Vaccine doses administered is not equivalent to the number of people inoculated as the approved vaccines require two doses per person. The vaccines are currently not being administered to children under 18 and those with certain health conditions. The Canadian Press. Chad Gaffield, a history professor at the University of Ottawa, says the collections of Library and Archives Canada are the foundations of understanding Canada's history and without them research in the field is impossible.

Before the lockdown in Ontario, researchers could make appointments at Library and Archives Canada building in Ottawa to view documents in its reading room but the building doors have now been closed for weeks. Johanna Smith, Library and Archives Canada's director general of public services, said decisions on public access to the collections have been aligned throughout the pandemic with public health advice that varies across the country.

On-site services are now closed in Ottawa and Winnipeg, but they are available to the public in Vancouver with social distancing measures in place. Greg Bak, a history professor at the University of Manitoba, said his students often have assignments that require them to use archives.

Still, Bak said they have been able to make a transition to online teaching using video calls to conduct virtual archives tours for students. Gaffield said some research projects require researchers to spend long days looking at archival materials at Library and Archives Canada. Library and Archives Canada is also dealing with a backlog of access to information requests. The backlog is a result of both the lack of human resources required to process the requests and the increasing interest in government records, Smith said.

The requests are known as "ATIPs," for the access to information and privacy acts that govern them. We've seen those increases since about onwards," she said. Smith said Library and Archives Canada doesn't have a dedicated digitization budget, but there are programs every year to digitize as much material as possible. Smith said the holdings of Library and Archives Canada amount to about kilometres of shelves full of archival documents stored in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Gatineau, Que.

New storage vaults are being built in Gatineau next to the current preservation centre there. He said academics often need to access documents no one has looked at before. Digitization also presents legal complications as entire classes of records cannot be copied and circulated due to laws around copyright, legitimate government secrecy, and privacy. Opening up these records would deprive Indigenous people of their privacy unfairly," he said. Digitizing the archival materials also will create a double burden for preservation because there will be a need to preserve both the original records and the new digital versions.

And then migrating them into new formats as formats become obsolete," he said. This report by The Canadian Press was first published Feb. As COVID surged across Canada, many operating rooms were idled, freeing up needed space for infected patients and redirecting medical staff and students to care for them. But the unprecedented move came at a cost. Danny Goel said. The orthopedic surgeon saw the problem as an opportunity for an idea germinated when he met two video game developers in a Vancouver pub in They got talking, and PrecisionOS was born.

In the months following that initial conversation, the small team built an elaborate virtual reality trainer, where medical students and surgeons could hone their tactile craft repeatedly and realistically by donning goggles and using simulated scalpels, surgical drills and other tools. All while physically distanced, and practiced on an artificial patient who wouldn't get hurt if they made a mistake. The system was unveiled in , and interest has grown over the past year as the pandemic has closed ORs or restricted surgeries.

The technology has now been adopted by 22 medical schools and health systems across North America. Peter Ferguson, the head of orthopedic surgery at the University of Toronto's Temerty Faculty of Medicine, who first tried the goggle-based VR system in his living room.

Ferguson describes as "a blast. For instance, in hospitals where medical students are taught, studies have shown patients are more likely to experience problems post-surgery. Now they're focused on mirroring the experience and look of an operating theatre. The transition, he says, is "blowing my mind. It's great to be able to transfer some of this technology so it serves a higher purpose. All the visuals are developed in-house and the workflow is identical to building a video game.

However, the team also had to educate themselves about the medical device industry to understand the challenges surgeons face. They attended real surgeries to witness in-person the procedures they would be simulating. And they mine expertise from a group of nearly medical consultants from around the globe. Danny Goel uses the PrecisionOS surgical simulation to demonstrate a procedure called a revision knee arthroplasty on a virtual patient: To make the animation as realistic as possible, O'Connor designed a simulation that allows a surgeon to saw, ream or drill at any location or angle inside the virtual patient, and have the effects of that action to the bone and soft tissue displayed in real-time.

Goel gives part of the credit to the company's local environment. And I think that marriage between medicine and technology is unique to our city here. In an operating room idled by pandemic demands, she slips on the PrecisionOS VR goggles, picks up a set of tool-paddles and does simulated surgery on the hip of a virtual patient. Shields said after her first experience doing that procedure in VR. And she'll do this same process over and over, honing her technique.

Her instructor, Dr. Ferguson, is quick to note the VR technology does not replace the real thing. It's a less tactile experience, in a profession where touch and feel are integral to locating anatomy and identifying medical issues, for example. But he adds that it's much better than any simulation doctors and students previously had. And, during a pandemic, it's better than the alternative, which would often be to do nothing and risk having a doctor's surgical skills and confidence atrophy.

Goel said. A group of Lowertown residents are raising concerns about the opening of an emergency COVID isolation centre for homeless people nearby, saying they are worried about the centre's potential impact on the neighbourhood, as well as the lack of communication and consultation. Situated inside the Patro d'Ottawa on Cobourg Street, the temporary shelter has beds for single people who would normally be living in a downtown shelter, but who have been forced to leave the shelter to quarantine for anywhere between 10 and 14 days because they've tested positive for COVID Nearby residents say they only learned about the the isolation centre after it was up and running, and they worry the location is too close to three schools.

Kids walk by this all the time and I'm just worried about an incident. According to Coun. Mathieu Fleury, the province's current state of emergency delegates the city's authority for this sort of decision to the city's public health officials. Until the centre opened in the Patro on Feb. It was not anything anyone chose.

Plus, hotels are privately owned and the ones she approached wouldn't agree to rent rooms to her agency for a variety of reasons, she said. As for concerns that the emergency isolation centre's residents pose a health risk to people near the Patro, Muckle said there are currently no protocols, nor should there be, to detain people residents in the shelter.

Because they're homeless doesn't mean they lose their rights. Did Becks really just sign a deal to be the face of a country that bans homosexuality? CALGARY — A judge is to hear arguments this week over whether Alberta's public inquiry into the purported foreign funding of environmental charities is a valid defence of the province's ailing oil industry or an attempt to silence dissent. The inquiry was one plank in a "fight-back" strategy touted by the United Conservatives on the election campaign trail.

Page called the inquiry a "political stunt that's not based in reality" and wants it shut down. Ecojustice argues in its brief that the inquiry was called for an "improper purpose," which it says was "targeting, intimidating and harming organizations that have raised concerns about the environmental impacts, including climate change impacts, of oil and gas development in Alberta.

It may not be legitimate, but it's real. The Indian Resource Council, the Explorers and Producers Association of Canada and oilpatch entrepreneur Brett Wilson together argue that "public interest requires a generous interpretation" of what the inquiry's purpose should be. Ecojustice argues the inquiry has a "reasonable apprehension of bias.

The government says it's important to draw a distinction between a politician's partisan comments and the commissioner's presumed impartiality. Ecojustice points out that Allan donated to the campaign of Doug Schweitzer, who would go on to become a UCP cabinet minister, as evidence of bias. A brief submitted on Allan's behalf notes he has donated to parties across the political spectrum. Ecojustice contends the inquiry is outside Alberta's jurisdiction because it deals with matters of interprovincial commerce and trade, as well as the regulation of charities, while the province argues defence of its natural resources industry is well within its purview.

Late last year, Ecojustice lost a court bid to have Allan's work paused until there was a ruling in its lawsuit. Page said the group would make the same request at the upcoming hearing. Lauren Krugel, The Canadian Press. Deep into this pandemic winter, it can be hard to remember what a refuge gardens were last spring and summer.

In those frightening early days of COVID, victory gardens and household vegetable plots sprang up all over. Seed companies reported shortages. Hardware stores saw a run on garden tools. Millions found comfort, release and a sense of safety outdoors with their hands in the dirt. That feels like a long time ago.

Businesses and household incomes are struggling. And the human interactions that might help us process all this anxiety and grief are discouraged. Yet the garden is still there, hunkering down too. And it can still help. Even in winter, it can provide solace, inspiration and perspective. Fresh air. And an assurance that spring is coming. White, an editor and writer at The New Yorker and an avid gardener, wrote several decades ago. As we round the bend into February, and with the hope that vaccines will bring real change, all three of those gardens offer a promise of light.

Only the most serious gardeners or those in warmer climates can keep the growing going outside, using cold frames, fabric or plastic tunnels, and other techniques. But there are smaller joys to be had. Death is everywhere in a garden, all year round, but it makes rebirth possible. The species keep going. So winter is also a good time for reevaluating our own yard-size battles against climate change.

We can start or continue composting. New technologies make it easier to grow plants anywhere indoors, with or without soil. The plants offer not only beauty, but the rewards of caring for living things and seeing them grow.

Indoor vegetable gardening, too, has become especially popular both as a food source and as a family activity. For instance, you can buy organic mini-farms in Mason jars, cans and boxes — all intended for the windowsill. You can grow mushrooms in their cardboard box with just a spritzer, or set up a large jar of tomatoes adding nothing but water.

Sales of backyard greenhouses and grow lights are up, and seed companies are already reporting another year of high demand. Johnny's Selected Seeds, a high-end, mail-order seller based in Winslow, Maine, recently suspended orders from home gardeners temporarily, saying that because of COVID, order volume "has exceeded our capacity to pack seed and to ship orders quickly. In just a couple months, perhaps, they can think about transplanting them outdoors if they have the space.

The new seed catalogues carry the promise that, this year, you can make your garden better. Maybe that means converting more lawn to flowers and vegetables, choosing more native plants, reducing water use, putting in paths and water features. A garden is never finished.

Planning it is creative and hopeful. And as our second pandemic spring approaches, those hopes are being buoyed by the rollout of vaccines, too. Several private TV and radio stations and web portals in Poland took themselves off the air on Wednesday in protest against a proposed media advertising tax they say threatens the industry's independence and its diversity of views.

Critics say Poland is following the example of central European ally Hungary in trying to increase government control over the media, an issue that came into sharp focus in December when state-controlled oil refiner PKN Orlen said it was buying German-owned newspaper publisher Polska Press.

The letter said the tax would mean "weakening, and even eliminating some media in Poland" and deepening inequalities between private outlets and public ones, which the signatories said were heavily supported by the government. The number of people in First Nations communities recovering from the coronavirus has exceeded newly reported cases for the second week in a row, according to the latest data from Indigenous Services Canada.

The federal department said the number of active cases in First Nations communities has declined to the lowest point since Dec. The Canadian Armed Forces were deployed to a number of communities experiencing outbreaks, including Pauingassi First Nation in Manitoba after a quarter of the people in the community contracted the virus. Since the pandemic began, there have been a total of 18, cases on-reserve. Twenty-four people have died from the virus since last week, bringing the toll to The total number of hospitalizations rose to The number of First Nations people reported as recovered from the disease is now at 16, Total cases in First Nations communities per region reported as of Feb.

Alberta: Kehewin Cree Nation in Alberta received doses of Moderna, marking the beginning of its distribution with a ceremony Monday that centred on the nation's oldest members. Manitoba: First Nations are working with the province to decide how vaccine supplies get allocated, both on- and off-reserve.

Traditional healers and knowledge keepers living off reserve can start booking their shots. The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission said there's been ongoing discussions between communities, provincial health agencies, and Indigenous Services Canada to prepare vaccination sites including in Gesgapegiag and Kahnawake.

However, some Cree living outside the jurisdictional Cree health board boundaries in northern Quebec say they feel worse than second-class citizens when it comes to getting access to a COVID vaccine. If you would like to share your story, please email us at indigenous cbc. Here is what's on the radar of our editors for the morning of Feb. What we are watching in Canada John's, Newfoundland and Labrador can have a safe election on Saturday.

McGill University professor Dr. Christopher Labos says it's not the election itself that's a concern but the possibility of people gathering in large numbers. Labos said Tuesday if venues are ventilated and if voters are masked and keep their distance from one another, then everything should be fine. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians will be heading to the polls days after health officials confirmed community spread of COVID in the capital's metro region.

And although officials announced stricter health measures in St. John's, shutting gyms, cinemas and bars, the chief electoral officer said Tuesday that voting day was still a go. Chief medical officer of health Dr. Janice Fitzgerald said Tuesday that going to a polling station where safety protocols are followed is no riskier than visiting a grocery store. A judge is to hear arguments this week over whether Alberta's public inquiry into the purported foreign funding of environmental charities is a valid defence of the province's ailing oil industry or an attempt to silence dissent.

Trump, who was watching the proceedings in Washington from his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida, was furious at what he saw, according to a person familiar with his thinking. Senators, too, criticized what they described as an unfocused and rambling performance as Trump's team and Democratic House managers began to lay out their cases in front of the Senate jury.

While it remains unlikely that more than a handful of Republicans will join Democrats in convicting the former president at the end of the trial, the proceedings were a chance for Trump to try to repair some of the damage to his legacy incurred over the storming of the Capitol by a mob of his supporters. Trump has been charged with inciting the Jan.

But Trump's team — which was announced little more than a week ago — appeared unprepared as they attempted a good cop, bad cop routine that veered from flattery to legalese, and stood in dramatic contrast to Democrats' focused emotional appeals. Trump — ever the showman — was impressed with the Democrats, who opened Tuesday's session with powerful video that compiled scenes of the deadly attack on Congress. And he complained that his team — especially lead lawyer Bruce Castor — came off badly on television and looked weak in comparison, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

The anger was echoed by Trump allies, who blasted the lawyers both publicly and privately and with repeated profanities.


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The book is almost daily updated. These incremental updates ease my interaction with the proofreaders. Develop insights from data with tidy tools. Import, wrangle, visualize, and model data with the Tidyverse R packages. Ansible is a simple, but powerful, server and configuration management tool. Learn to use Ansible effectively, whether you manage one server—or thousands. Are you excited about Haskell, but don't know where to begin?

Are you thrilled by the technical advantages, but worried about the unknown pitfalls? This book has you covered. This book brings the fundamentals of R programming to you, using the same material developed as part of the industry-leading Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization. The skills taught in this book will lay the foundation for you to begin your journey learning data science.

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All rights reserved. English PDF.

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The Code represents leading industry practice in terms of managing risks associated with sports betting corruption. The SBG Code of Practice sets out seven key actions sports governing bodies should take to put in place basic measures to protect their sport from betting corruption:. Sports governing bodies must have robust rules and regulations in place that reflect the risks to their sport.

Sports governing bodies should assign responsibility for betting integrity issues to a designated person within their organisation. This person should be responsible for ensuring that basic rules, regulations and sanctions are in place and for investigating potential breaches where necessary. However, in many cases establishing an integrity function — or at least having access to relevant integrity expertise — to investigate and prosecute betting integrity breaches should be sufficient.

It is essential that participants are fully aware of the relevant rules, regulations and sanctions in their sport in relation to betting. As a minimum, it is recommended that any standard training programmes for participants include a section on betting integrity. Where a sport is considered at significant risk, it is recommended a dedicated betting integrity education programme is introduced.

He said he hoped it could be ready for international deployment by the end of March after trials with Etihad, Emirate and Singapore airlines. It follows the disclosure by The Telegraph that people who have received their Covid jabs could be given scannable QR codes allowing them to leave the country in "passport" schemes being funded by the taxpayer. Details of two ventures developing ways for Britons to confirm they have had vaccines were shared with The Telegraph on Monday.

We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. Visit our adblocking instructions page. Related Topics.