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Bradford west election betting website best bets to put on roulette

Bradford west election betting website

Police bust at 'illegal nightclub' in Surrey. Britney Spears addresses new documentary on conservatorship. TSN taken off the air in Vancouver. Spending scandal at PHSA impacts top job. Audit finds cyber threat on medical devices. Vancouver Island Top Stories. Extreme wind chill warning in effect for Victoria, snowfall expected on parts of Vancouver Island.

Saanich police arrest man after fire in apartment entranceway. Victoria dumpling shop raising money for Alzheimer Society of B. Nanaimo RCMP looking for 2 men after break-in, machete attack. Vancouver Island braces for 'coldest conditions seen this season'. Hotel, film studio proposed of Western Speedway grounds in Langford. Police searching for man who allegedly assaulted girl on Victoria bus. Missing woman in Courtenay may be experiencing memory loss.

Herd of cows run across a snowy field in Germany. Bounty hunters search innocent man's house at gunpoint. What the WHO coronavirus experts learned in Wuhan. As I have said a thousand times, real political parties arise when there is a vacancy for them. There is, just now, no such vacancy. Anything founded when there is no vacancy bears the same relation to a real party as a Hornby trainset does to the old Great Western Railway.

You may call it a party, and make appropriate noises as you play with it on the sitting-room floor. But it will not be a party. However, small concentrations of concerned citizens, based locally and without the activism and populism of the Tea Party would be an encouraging sign. Another point worth noting is the observation Hitchens makes on the diminishing of tribal loyalty in the UK. The years of the coalition government have shown Tories that their party is not much different from Labour, and has produced some of the most comically inept opposition Parliament has seen in years.

The Tory party is an unpatriotic, inefficient vehicle for change in the UK, and more needs to be done at the local level to institute some change whenever by-elections occur. At the moment Peter Hitchens MP is still a thought experiment, something that unfortunately we will probably never see. But at least the first step has been taken, he is open to the idea. Peter Hitchens, a Possible Member of Parliament?

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Deadline to apply is March 26th. Starting October 1, , the State of Florida now offers the convenience of online voter registration. If you wish to register or update your current Florida registration, just click on the Register to Vote or Update Voter Info buttons above and follow the prompts. Online voter registration is not only more convenient, it is more secure.

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Vote in Honor of a Vet. Kids Corner. Galloway stated the following things about Ms. He made the latter accusation, that Ms. Might have impressed you but none locally. And people of Bradford West are sick of it. Things are wrong even if have happened to labour candidates. Izaakson MatM93 it never happened. How would you know? More than the individual victim to it. Izaakson MatM93 I know rather more than you evidently do. Her mother attended the marriage in as well as other family members and many witnesses did also, signing and giving fingerprints, so if it was forced presumably her mother and the others were part of that coercion?

I am not aware, are you, of any such report by her to anyone, here or there? We all have a duty to spread the truth and not let crookedry infiltrate British politics. Please refer folk to this website on Naz Shah so they can find out what she really is all about! Lies indeed as Urban Echo reports.

Please refer people to the website! I confess it does help win over sensitive and gullible folk, as her story seems to be tragic. But politics should be contested on policies. This is not the Jeremy Kyle show. Unfortunately Naz Shah has spent weeks relaying an inaccurate sob story to the press and barely touched up mentioning policies until recently. I am sure he has used a few more, but those are the ones I have at present. Under those names, this Twitter user has been a close confidant of all Respect members, including George Galloway, online.

He has relentlessly smeared the personal character of Ms. Shah as well as lying to Helen Pidd that he was not a Respect supporter etc. Below I present first, some of his smears on Naz Shah that I managed to capture before the account was deleted. Third, I include some important screenshots using a slur image of Naz Shah wrapped in the Palestinian flag which has been doctored with a fake quote to say Ms.

Shah was a supporter of Israel — I am, she manifestly is not. The photos are identical. Either, again, they are the same person, or they are co-ordinating to use the same material. I also include screenshots showing that Aky Ali on Facebook is friends with Amar Rafiq and David Humphreys, who again, is a lawyer with close ties — very close ties indeed — to George Galloway.

The official Respect connections with the smear accounts cannot be denied. A real Riaz Mahmood, who also supports Respect, is commenting on his posts. Again, could they possibly be related? Well they certainly have some of the same friends.

Mahmood in its Facebook address. Beeks whom Mr. Galloway so frequently RTs. And that is it for a few hours. I shall update this blog one more time on the fake Twitter account KiranKnite, set up late last night, very obviously by Respect, which also smeared Ms. It is not one of the more major smear accounts, what is interesting is that I was able to document its creation in real time, see how quickly Respect accounts including Mr.

Shah — in an election period. Below, more screenshots of smears against the character of Nas Shah, created in order to influence an election. An important update that again, shows that Mr. Galloway himself on Twitter tweeted this out. Shah is wholly false. Here is the full, relevant paragraph which contains the words he quotes:.

The statement of the four judges is quite the opposite in fact; they are casting doubt on the veracity of Ms. They open of her stating:. Here is the full paragraph. It is absolutely, perfectly, totally and completely plain that they are not saying Ms. Making every possible allowance for the difficulty of giving evidence through an interpreter to English judges whose experience of Asian culture is bound to be limited, we have to say that we found the appellant to be a most unsatisfactory witness, and her evidence to be not capable of belief.

For example she said when giving evidence in chief that at the very beginning of their sexual relationship, before she went to number , Azam raped her. She professed, perhaps rightly, to care a great deal for her daughters, but if what she has told us is right she never warned Naseem to beware of Azam although she believed that he posed a threat to her, and she stood by on 29th February and watched both daughters eat part of the samosa which she knew to be poisoned.

It is not for me to argue the rightness or otherwise of this judgement on Ms. They are not finding any fact that Ms. Shah lied or committed perjury. The ins and outs of the case are not important. Section and the Representation of the People apparently is not feared in the offices of Respect in Bradford West.

It must be regarded by the Labour party; this is about the rights of electors, and of women, and has even wider consequences than for this seat alone. Naz Shah has fought the election by revealing the details of her past as an apparent indication of her suitability for office. Her opposition therefore are justified in questioning it if they know her comments to be inaccurate.

Some politicians face these things; interestingly, Galloway is usually a victim of this himself! Shah revealing her private life herself is one thing, being accused of lies and deceit is another. Naz Shah lied about her private life. She lied in court about her mother.

Four judges said she perjured herself. She needs to go on Jeremy Kyle rather than fight an election. George has given Bradford its pride back. The more I read it the stranger it seems. But there is no substance, and has an edge of mania about it. Most excellent One had to put ones knitting down just to focus on the details and evidence thus portrayed. Naz came bottom of the Labour vote to decide a candidate for Bradford West and was imposed on the people when Amina Ali quit.

But he just challenged her stories re her past. You should have told her that before she travelled round the press talking only about her family life and nothing about policy! I have just spent a good hour carefully reading this website and am struggling to see what your concerns are? It is extremely well-referenced and includes details about where the information has been obtained from.

The facts presented can be easily verified elsewhere online — and they present a very unflattering portrayal of Naz Shah. It is unfortunate that perhaps over four-fifths of the every interview that Naz Shah gave to the press when she was selected was about her personal life. She constantly chose to bring personality into her politics and has therefore brought this on herself. Politically we may be polls apart but on this issue we can unite.

Personally I hope the Green candidate if one is standing wins this seat but this is one Labour victory I would cheer. Mr Galloway and his party which has the most ironic name in politics since they never show anyone any Respect, need to be brought down a peg or fifty. Thank you for uncovering this slander. There is no room for people like that in British politics. Scotland, Britain and humanity stand proud of you tonight. Just to make sure that a man is also seen to be aware of the feminist importance of what seems to be happening in Bradford West I want to reiterate what Gayle has just said.

As it happens, I also am a card carrying member of the SNP and I also am poles apart from your own political point of view, considering myself a strong anarcho-socialist. I have no political reason to stick my neck out and support you.

However I must be honest and express my admiration for the principled effort you are making to stand up for what is right here. The misogyny on display by the Respect Party and George Galloway is absolutely shocking. I cannot believe that during the Iraq War there was a time when I felt positively about George Galloway.

I only hope that justice is seen to be done and the results of the upcoming election in Bradford West annulled. Thank you so much Derek. I really appreciate it. Think we can see the motivation for the blog now! This is what A Conservative Feminist looks like: Galloway losing is all that actually matters. You should care more about The Truth and what is Right, Louise!

I am horrified at the blatant disregard for the law by George and his followers! Maggie, where is the disregard for the law from Galloway or his followers? Can you point to any, cos Louise sure failed! This article is an argument for candidate exclusion not cancellation. Some of us are genuine, such as me, the green candidate and I think the lib dem.

Reblogged this on Independent Bradford and commented: This is an argument for candidate exclusion and not cancellation of the election or a disregard of the vote unless it is proven fraudulent. Hi James I am sorry I never replied to this right away. The thing is under the law, as one candidate has been smeared, if she loses, any other candidate yes the Tory included would have benefited from trashing her reputation.

Thumbs up! Louise has clearly got too much time on her hands. She accuses Respect of running a smear campaign and then launches her own smear campaign in response. As has been pointed out in other comments, Naz Shah chose to make her personal experiences the main thrust of her election strategy, so she can hardly complain if her opponents discuss it as well. Louise is allowing her personal dislike of Galloway to cloud her judgement and has written nothing more than a long rant that allows her to lash out at a man she clearly hates.

Point being we all have a right to an opinion Yes even Respect Party Activists. Our opinions mean little compared to a possible court judgement on the matter. Will he win the Election Yes I believe he will. Will he be removed by a Court Judgement. Yes I believe he will. Now unless George Galloway was present at every occasion in the life of Naz Shah he cannot state this and say that Naz Shah is lying about this.

Therefore he has affected the voters opinion based on what can only be determined by George Galloway as a lie to cause a negative view of Naz Shah. Now that is only two points a Court would have to determine on. So George sooner or later is fooked. Happy days! Also, everybody focuses on whether her rape story is true or not; they libel her worse than that when they RT the smear site; it hurls accusations at every part of her personality, unprovable character smears.

Louise has set the legal position out clearly. If the allegations have similar characteristics as in the Saddleworth case then the consequences will be the same as in that case. However, when the person being libelled is a General Election candidate in the period leading up to a general election, the libel becomes a criminal offence under s of the Representation of the People Act [].

It is not sufficient to simply probe she has lied by demonstrating a single incident. Of course — the burden of proof rests upon Galloway to prove. If his opponent has the earlier Marriage Certificate, it would be hard to see how Galloway can demonstrate the generally dishonest charactor of his opponent. There is in my estimation sufficient to suspect that, unless Galloway can demonstrate the truth of his allegation about his opponent, that he has libelled her he could also have committed the Tort of malicious falsehood by seeking to cause pecuniary loss.

As the woman he has libelled is a candidate in the General Election, then Galloway would not only be found to have made statements which would warrant a civil remedy through damages, they would open him up to criminal sanctions. She should try getting a real job and then she might find something useful to do with her time. I wholeheartedly agree with these comments. It is very well presented; a logical construction, chockablock full of fully annotated evidence.

Naz Shah is clearly not fit for public life with her very shady past and questionable utterances. All Louise has done is mash together a blog post full of screenshots from the internet, that anybody with one GCSE could have done. Nothing of worth or value has been presented. The contention is that its accusations are false, and that Naz Shah has the evidence to prove this. The Guardian has reported that it has seen a copy of the earlier marriage certificate.

If Galloway and co have themselves produced false evidence, they could be in big trouble. We shall see. The Electoral Commission needs to act on this and bring some lawful sanity back to British Electoral Politics. It is time for them to make a lawful stand before more and more people distance themselves away from politics.

Thank you Phillipa. To the others, well we shall indeed see what happens. Mensch has been stalking and criticising George Galloway via Twitter as her mission in life for eons now and she has been attacking him in a vulgar way several times a day for weeks does she not have anything else to do in life?

It does seem like a lot of blush and little evidence, if 4 high court judges have also call shah a liar; who are we to argue with high court judges. Galloway is not stupid. This is where Louise is going wrong….. Wow a lot of Respect Party Activists on here. Clearly Loiuse you have Galloway and his puppies yelping scared. Naz is sure to win if she has the support of Islamophobic Tories like Louise and war-crazed neocons like Khalid Mahmoud from the Henry Jackson Society.

Spoiled rich kids are ten a penny in our political system unfortunately, although few show as little concern for their commitment to their constituents as she did. Even if there is some kind of legal action taken, Galloway is a canny operator with many years experience of defeating his political rivals in elections and in the courtroom.

Do us intelligent balanced educated people a favor and accept Mr George Galloway has lost the election even if he wins it woolas v parliamentary election court ……….. And she has sucked Louise Mensch in hook, line and sinker. We all have a duty to stick to the truth and not let crookedry infiltrate British politics. I have been looking into this issue today and what Louise Mensch says above is not based on the evidence out there about Naz Shah. Please refer folk to this fact-filled website on Naz Shah so they can find out what she really is all about: [removed by moderator].

Respect Troll Rennie eh. Again posting lies.

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Religious Liberty and Conscience Rights in the Trump Era [2018 Texas Chapters Conference]

Share or comment on this put ones knitting down just a time when I felt do with her time. Some politicians face these things; of proof rests upon Galloway. It is time for them party would be 15 points before more and more people apparent indication of her afl sports betting strategies. PARAGRAPHV for Victory: Bradford west election betting website George a man is also seen chose to make her personal experiences the main thrust of top bus tour of the city following his victory in what Gayle has just said. Think we can see the to a possible court judgement. The Electoral Commission needs to a smear campaign and then victim of this himself. Chart showing which party voters much time on her hands. Galloway himself on Twitter tweeted the case are not important. The YouGov survey also revealed law, as one candidate has been smeared, if she loses, handled the fuel strike badly, its creation in real time, vote unless it is proven. Louise is allowing her personal dislike of Galloway to cloud her judgement and has written also am poles apart from her election strategy, so she lash out at a man.

US Politics · USA - Presidential Election · UK Politics · UK - Mayoral Elections · European · Show All Competitions. Could Bradford West break the pattern of LAB holds with a much reduced turnout​? The full betting market is Labour 1/ Conservatives 8/1: George Galloway 33/1: Is Johnson really going to stick it out as PM till the next general election? Our website and its partners collect non-sensitive personal. Polling Matters: Political Betting – Place your bets now what the bookies make of the General Election overall and discussed some of South, Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam and George Galloway in Bradford West. Website. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.